Valentino Construction Sweat Equity

Valentino Construction also offers our new "sweat equity" service allowing you to work directly on your project and providing better value and ownership on your home remodels, bathroom renovations, kitchen remodeling projects.  How many times have you paid the full professional rates for a contractor to remove your old flooring?  Have you ever thought, I could have done that part of the project? Or with a little direction I could have installed that cabinet?

Sweat Equity is where the owner and Valentino Construction work together to complete your project.  You determine your level of involvement, project timing, and delivery. During the planning phase of the project, tasks assigned within project time lines for the owner to work with Valentino Construction.  Valentino Construction acts as a construction project manager and on site expert in building codes and standards. This ensures that your project meets your needs while providing the unique opportunity for you to participate in building your home remodeling, bathroom renovations, or kitchen remodeling project.